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It is with great sadness, that the executive SCAT board and the Challenge committee chairperson have made the decision to cancel the 2016 SCAT Challenge.

To date, we only have 32 students signed up for the Challenge.   Because of the deadline to order t-shirts and have them ready for next week and considering the reservations the site committee ( Sgt. Justin Music) has made (dumpsters, ice, tents, picnic tables, street department, heaters and propane, water)  and all the food donations, we  needed to make a decision in a timely responsible manner.

We feel it would not be ethically or morally right if we proceeded as if we had the projected number of 100 plus.  Our sponsors and food donors have been very generous with their sponsorships and donations and to keep our credibility for future support, we need to be responsible and do the right thing.  We will contact them all as well as the students who registered.  We will reimburse everyone, sponsors and students who have already paid.

We will send out letters to everyone to explain our decision.

Thank you all for your support .  We have had 22 successful years of the Challenge.

We need  to consider that if we had not tried to sponsor the Challenge this year with the changes that were intended to boost the participation, we would have always thought that we needed to try one more time.  We did and now we know.  That is a success through a different lens.  We will regroup and evaluate other possible opportunities.

Thanks again,

Deb Chany

Executive Director

Sylvania Community Action Team

For more information call the SCAT office 419-824-8588 or email dchany@sylvaniaschools.org.







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