Heroin Steals the Future Campaign

NW Ohio and SE Michigan are battling a heroin epidemic.  In fact, in 2014 Ohio had the second highest drug overdose death rate.

Having seen firsthand the devastation of grieving families dealing with the death of a loved one from a heroin overdose, Keith Walker, President of Walker Funeral Homes, has launched a health alliance comprised of mental health and government agencies, local support groups, the media and local businesses for the “Heroin Steals the Future – There is Help” campaign in January 2016.

This partnership has launched a comprehensive website that provides support and resources for the addict, the caregiver, and for local businesses. This site provides advice, support and information about treatment, where to seek assistance and emergency measures. If you or someone you know is struggling with heroin addiction or you just want to be informed about the issue and what you can do, please visit this excellent website.


Did you miss John Underwood’s Life of an Athlete presentation? View it here!

If you missed John Underwood’s school and community presentation on the Life of an Athlete program, you can now view it here (enter the password Deb to access the video).

Dr. Underwood is passionate about sharing his scientific insights on the brain/body connection and the effect of lifestyle on performance, encouraging students to embrace lifestyles that will produce success and empowering students to perform at the peak of their abilities in all aspects of their lives, whether it be athletics or academics. As Dr. Underwood stresses, “The single most overlooked aspect of reaching an elite level in ANYTHING is LIFESTYLE.”
Dr. Underwood is the Human Performance Consultant for the U.S. Navy Seals, has worked for three decades with the International Olympic Committee and trained 25 Olympic athletes, and consults for the National Federation of High School Athletics, the NCAA, NHL, NFL and the NBA.

Operation: Parent Winter/Spring Workshops Help Provide Parenting Tools!

Join us for the final session in our Operation: Parent, Parent-to-Parent Workshop series on April 19, “How Will I know If My Child Is Using Drugs? Behavior Never Lies.”

Each Parent-to-Parent workshop begins with a video followed by open discussion. The videos cover a variety of issues unique to raising teenagers in today’s culture.   Talk with and listen to other local parents dealing with the same issues that you face every day and you’ll realize that you are NOT alone in this challenging job of raising healthy, well-adjusted kids.

All sessions are offered in the morning and evening – from 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m at the Sylvania Library, 6749 Monroe St., Sylvania and are free and open to the public.
teen and mom on couch legs crossed
Contact SCAT for more information  419-824-8588 or dchany@sylvaniaschools.org.

Raising Your Child to Be a Great Adult: IQ vs. EQ

We’ve all heard of IQ but have you heard of EQ or Emotional Intelligence Quotient? EQ is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions while empathizing with the feelings of others.  A healthy EQ enables adults to manage work and home conflict, manage fear and anxiety, and relate emotionally to others – all the basic skills needed to have a happy, healthy life.   Psychologists now feel that EQ is more important than IQ in determining your child’s quality of life as an adult. To help your child develop a strong EQ try these five suggestions:

Acknowledge the perspective of your child and empathize. Empathizing doesn’t mean you agree – it simply means you see his or her perspective and acknowledge it even  if your child doesn’t get his or her own way.

Allow expression. Denying your child’s negative emotions won’t make them go away –  it just buries them to burst out later.  Teach that while their feelings are understandable,some actions that result may be unacceptable.

Listen to your child’s feelings – .be truly present and actively listening and show your child that it’s safe to express those feelings to you and then let them go.

Teach your child the tools of problem solving. Show your child that strong feelings  may signal areas that need to be handled differently. Empathy alone isn’t enough – teach  your children that they’re not at the whim of their emotions by encouraging problem-  solving to handle the situation differently the next time.

Help your child release strong emotions through play.Young ones of all species use play  to process feelings and fears.  Help your child express feelings through play.  Sometimes  when words fail, strong feelings can be “played out”.

Click here for a colorful printable poster, 5 Steps to Managing Big Emotions, from Childhood 101.



SCAT Brings Life of An Athlete to Sylvania Schools

SCAT is excited to announce its newest program to be introduced in the Sylvania Schools, “Life of an Athlete”. LOA is a science-based program that educates student athletes about the effects of alcohol and drugs on athletic performance and the benefits of proper nutrition and adequate sleep while training them to be peer mentors and school leaders for a healthy lifestyle.

If you’d like to get a taste of what this program involves and the benefits, Ottawa Hills High School will host the founder of “Life of an Athlete”, John Underwood, on November 12th at 7:00 p.m. in the Ottawa Hills High School Auditorium. John Underwood is a dynamic speaker who’s passionate about educating athletes, coaches and parents about the effects of alcohol and drugs on the brain and body and the effects on athletic performance. John is a former NCAA All-American Runner and coach of Olympic champions as well as a consultant for US Navy Seals.

If you are an athlete and want to have a positive influence on your team, your school and your community and improve and enhance your athletic performance or if you’re a coach or the parent of an athlete, this presentation is for you. Get an advance look at this exciting program that SCAT is bringing to the Sylvania School system to help athletes succeed at sports AND life while modeling a positive lifestyle for their peers. For more information contact the SCAT office 419-824-8588 or dchany@sylvaniaschools.org or visit www.lifeofanathlete.us.

Guest Blogger, Craig A. Rush, Offers Tips on Staging a Safe Open House


How to Stage a Safe Open House

If you’re in the process of selling your home, your Realtor has probably coached you on how to stage your home for an open house. You’ve probably already deep cleaned your home, fixed up any lingering maintenance projects, and removed personal items from the walls and shelves. But, it’s critical to remember that when you open up your home to potential buyers, you open up all of your home, to anyone who walks through the door.

Though it is uncommon in the Sylvania area, drug users across the country are known to seek out open houses as an opportunity to steal drugs from medicine cabinets, jewelry and other valuables to pawn, and personal information so that they can commit fraud to get money for drugs.

With that said, I encourage all of my clients to take extra special caution when holding an open house. Here are a few tips to host a safe open house:

  • Remove all drugs from your cabinets, gather up all valuable and personal items, and be sure to lock them up. Don’t just hide them!
  • Keep your eye on everyone who enters your home and look for any suspicious behavior. If you have a multi-level home, you may consider asking a few friends to help you monitor potential buyers on each floor.
  • Keep your cell phone in your pocket so that if necessary, you are able to contact the police immediately.
  • Consider hosting an appointment-only open house so that you can work one-on-one with potential buyers and keep close watch.

About the Author

Craig A. Rush has been a Realtor in the Toledo, Ohio area for more than 35 years. Craig and the Rush Team specialize in helping home buyers and sellers with their Real Estate needs. In his many years of experience, Craig has perfected the art of hosting a safe and successful open house. Visit the Craig A. Rush website to learn more.


New SOLACE (Surviving Our Loss and Continuing Everyday) Group Forms

Beginning in March, Sylvania Community Action Team, with Awake of Anthony Wayne, is assisting in the coordination and support of a newly formed group, SOLACE (Surviving Our Loss and Continuing Everyday). The mission of SOLACE is to support those grieving the loss of a loved one to drugs and to assist them through the life changes resulting from that loss. The group is also open to anyone currently coping with a loved one’s drug issues – offering their experiences, resources and coping skills in an effort to spare other families the loss that they’ve suffered.

In the face of the local and national opioid epidemic and  related heroin use and the continued use of other illicit drugs, it is imperative that we remove the stigma associated with drug addiction and the feelings of shame and isolation that result in families grappling with this issue alone.  SOLACE offers a safe, supportive place to heal and strategies to cope with loved ones currently struggling with addiction.

Meetings are on the second Tuesday of the month, beginning in March, from 7 p.m. – 8:15 p.m. at The Dwelling Place in Holland and the fourth Thursday of the month from 7:00 p.m. – 8:15 p.m. at McCord Road Community Church in Sylvania. There is no cost to attend. Contact the SCAT office for more information 419-824-8588 or dchany@sylvaniaschools.org.

Calling All Parents: BOLO (Be on the Lookout) for Underage Drinking!

Some children may try alcohol as early as 9 years old.  Because parents play the biggest role in influencing their children’s decisions about drinking, it’s imperative that parents begin talking early and often about the dangers of underage drinking.  Our friends in Stark County  have created the BOLO program to provide parents with the tools and resources they need to talk to their children about alcohol and other risky behaviors.  Click here to download the Home Teen-Proofing Checklist and visit their website for tips on talking to children of any age from Kindergarten through high school about alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs and more.

Medical Marijuana and Your Kids

Prevention leaders in states that have legalized medical marijuana have noted a decrease in the perception of risk and harm by youth regarding marijuana use, an increase in use, and use at younger ages.  Like prescription drug abuse, individuals have the perception that if it’s legal, it must be safe.

You may be approached by one of the pro-medical marijuana groups: the Ohio Coalition for Medical Compassion or the Ohio Compassion Act.  Both of these groups are visiting Ohio to gather signatures to put the issue on the ballot.  Think before you sign – marijuana itself won’t kill you but it is addicting and creates more issues for us and our kids to deal with.

SCAT’s position is:  Marijuana should be subject to the same research, consideration, and study as any other potential medicine under the standards of the U.S. FDA.  Legalizing marijuana for medical use should not be decided by legislative or voter initiative.

The booklet “Shattering the Myths of Marijuana” is available at the SCAT office free of charge or visit the NIDA website www.drugabuse.gov.


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