Medical Marijuana and Your Kids

Prevention leaders in states that have legalized medical marijuana have noted a decrease in the perception of risk and harm by youth regarding marijuana use, an increase in use, and use at younger ages.  Like prescription drug abuse, individuals have the perception that if it’s legal, it must be safe.

You may be approached by one of the pro-medical marijuana groups: the Ohio Coalition for Medical Compassion or the Ohio Compassion Act.  Both of these groups are visiting Ohio to gather signatures to put the issue on the ballot.  Think before you sign – marijuana itself won’t kill you but it is addicting and creates more issues for us and our kids to deal with.

SCAT’s position is:  Marijuana should be subject to the same research, consideration, and study as any other potential medicine under the standards of the U.S. FDA.  Legalizing marijuana for medical use should not be decided by legislative or voter initiative.

The booklet “Shattering the Myths of Marijuana” is available at the SCAT office free of charge or visit the NIDA website

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