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Teens now abuse prescription drugs more than any other drug except marijuana, more than cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines combined.  Prescription drugs are now the drug of choice for 12 and 13 year olds. To learn more, download our Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention brochure.

In an effort to prevent this misuse of prescription medications, SCAT sponsors a Community Drug Drop Off Day in collaboration with the Sylvania City and Township Police Departments twice a year.  Area residents are encouraged to dispose of their unneeded and expired prescription and over-the-counter medications in a safe, environmentally-friendly way.

To augment the Community Drug Drop Offs, SCAT purchased two MedReturn Drug Collection Units installed at the City of Sylvania Police Department, 6635 Maplewood, Sylvania and the Sylvania Township Police Department, 4420 King Road, Sylvania. These units allow for year round drop off of medications by the public.  These units can be accesed 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  For more information, contact the SCAT office at 419-824-8588 or


Responsible Beverage Service Training gives owners, managers, and staff of establishments that serve alcohol the knowledge and skills to help them serve alcohol responsibly.  Studies have shown that seller-server training results in positive changes such as increased ID checks of customers who appear to be underage and denial of service to obviously intoxicated customers and arrangement of alternate transportation,  resulting in a safer community. Immediate benefits to the business include reduced exposure to alcohol liability lawsuits, decreased penalties for alcohol violations, and in many cases lower insurance premiums.

In an effort to make this training readily available locally, the Sylvania Community Action Team (SCAT) sent staff to Columbus for a two day Seller-Server Certification training class.  Staff who completed the training are now certified to conduct classes in Responsible Beverage Service for establishments selling and serving alcohol. SCAT will also provide the training for owners and employees referred by the Sylvania City court system due to infractions of the laws pertaining to alcohol sales.

The Seller-Server training program will work hand-in-hand with SCAT’s ID Checker Loan Program which provides digital ID scanners to businesses and organizations holding events where alcohol is served.  For more information, to rent ID checkers,  or for a schedule of upcoming training sessions, call the SCAT office at 419-824-8588.


What is Life of an Athlete All About?
The American Athletic Institute’s Life of an Athlete prevention/intervention series is a five year high school program designed to confront chemical health issues and address the problems that today’s student-athletes face. This program is currently being incorporated into many other prevention efforts in states throughout the country.

Program Overview
In conjunction with teacher,coach, parents and student, the Life of an Athlete Program is a 5-phase educational program that sets expectations and highlights the positive effects of practicing a healthy lifestyle on athletic performance.